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Earthfields Limited is a construction and infrastructure development company offering services in construction of building projects, roads, water & sewerage projects and other related civil engineering infrastructure projects. At Earthfields, we believe in forging strong synergistic partnerships that ensure quality delivery and value addition to our clients. Our ability to make sound decisions over our many years in business has given us a reputation as a solid firm who continues to deliver project after project and one that values our relationships with clients, peers and vendors in the industry..


House Plans

Skilled Joinery

Full Construction

Full Construction

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers




New Shopping Centre

Commercial construction projects are for the building and selling of business structures such as offices, retail centers, warehouses, and industrial buildings. Business owners, managers, and developers hire general contractors to build or remodel their commercial structure.

No matter how big or small a property you own, a space that is well-designed and looks pleasant will attract a higher volume of attention from people in your locality. Clients who visit your company or office will be impressed looking at the desirable structure of your space.


New Housing Complex

Earthfields is vastly experienced in design and constructing innovative, useful, unique spaces for you to live in. We specialize in residential design that is warm and inviting while being stylish. We also have experience with Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).

Do you have an idea of your future home and you need someone to follow your vision? Earthfields is the best at fulfilling the desires of our clients. Share your idea with us and let us build an excellent custom home for you.


Listed Building Projects

Managing heritage-listed building projects has been seen as a sensitive issue, sometimes facing criticism due to such projects often running over time and, as a result of such delays, over budget.

At Earthfields, we guarantee you a quality service in your heritage project.


Restoration Projects

Earthfields offers house remodeling services, house renovation services, plumbing services and home building cost analysis be it for a two bedroom house, three bedroom house or a four bedroom house in Kenya.

It is our intention at the Earthfields Limited to assist in completing all building projects as smooth as possible for you, the client. Our goal is to insure that your project meets code standards for health, safety, and welfare, for yourself as well as the general public.

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